Bob Stanley

Bob stands out as a sensitive yet dynamic & exciting drummer playing and handling all forms including rock, jazz, R&B, etc.

Bob has extensive experience in all these areas adding his personal touch, style and creativity. Bob played drums throughout Jr. High, High School and College in marching, concert and jazz bands. After college he traveled on the road for the next five years with top 40 bands which included very busy schedules in Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas. Bob then settled down in the city of Corona doing gigs & casuals with local groups.

He has also performed many shows at various performing arts theaters playing the music of George Gershwin. Bob teaches all his students how to read drum music from simple drum set beats to complex patterns and fills. He also teaches rudimental drumming for marching band, drum corps, concert or symphonic band. Majoring in music at San Diego State University.

Lawson Tatum

Guitar, Piano/Keys, Voice, Mandolin, Organ, Drums, Bass, Blues Harp
Law's larger than life, unstoppable attitude blasts through his writing in a seemingly contradictory subtlety. A trained Jazz pianist; he's a future mastermind within his generation, boasting skill with several instruments. His core philosophy is one without limitation, without inhibition. He is the most recent instructor to join the Rockstars of Tomorrow team. Lawson's long list of musical abilities makes him a great resource for the entire Rockstar family.

Michael Andreson

Throughout his life, Michael has been an accomplished musician. Since the early age of 5, when Michael began his musical journey, he has achieved much success collaborating with world-class musicians and bands, recording multiple CDs and traveling the world performing live. Michael has worked very hard over many years to develop a solid reputation as a serious and qualified musician.

In 1990 Michael formed the rock band Jaded with vocalist Tina Yothers, an actress famous for her role on the hit television series Family Ties. It was here that Michael was able to perform at venues nationwide and make several appearances on programs like Entertainment Tonight, Extra, Fox, VH-1, Mark and Brian, Mancow in Chicago and the famous Howard Stern Show. Shortly after Jaded, Michael teamed up with Adam Kowalczyk and formed Adam and the Weight. Adam was the touring guitar player in the very famous rock band LiVE and brother of vocalist Ed Kowalczyk. Adam and the Weight toured with several artists throughout the country and headlined their very own European Tour.

Beyond songwriting, performing and instruction, Michael has also produced and recorded numerous music scores for television programs and commercials. After 30+ years, he decided it was time to teach the gift of music to eager musicians wanting to learn an instrument. In 2007, Michael created Rockstars of Tomorrow and today hundreds of students a week are enrolled in the music program that teaches them to rock!!!!

Chuck Jackson

Bassist, guitarist, educator, began his career spanning 34 years in elementary school starting with trumpet and then the saxophone. By middle school his interest turned to the lower end of the band as he started playing baritone and bass clarinet. Around this time guitar fever struck and he began studying the new instrument.

As the local demand for bass players outweighed the need for guitarists, he switched again to the low end, and bass guitar became his primary instrument. By his mid teens, he began playing live in local cover and original bands performing a wide variety of musical styles including hard rock, blues, rock-a-billy, country, and R&B. Over the course of the next 15 years Chuck began performing with several different artists touring across the US.

Along with performing live, he has spent countless hours in the studio as a session player, recording, producing and training. Chuck’s passion for music and teaching is contagious. Kids of all ages love to work with him.