The Rockstars vocal program gives you a voice to be heard.  If you’re an experienced singer looking to strengthen your gift and increase your range or a pro in the shower, we will give you the skills to sing confident and amazing.  Learn proper voice technique, warm-up exercises, mic technique, studio and live performance and control.  


Our guitar program allows students to learn both electric and acoustic guitar techniques. As a student you will learn theory, how to play your favorite songs whether you like Alternative Rock, Heavy Metal, Pop, Funk, Blues and even Country. Above all that, our program gives you the confidence necessary to make you the best guitar player ever!!! Remember, you can play Guitar Hero or you can be one!!!


Learning the piano is fun again!!  Our piano instructors are trained in all styles of music and know what it takes to make learning exciting.  In this program, students will learn how to read music, left and right hand techniques, improvising, theory and performance skills.  No more “Twinkle twinkle little star”…Learn to play songs you actually have on your iPod.

Bass Guitar

Like our guitar program, our bass instructors will teach you to master bass techniques like walking, improvising, right hand fingering, slapping and playing with a pick, communicating with the drummer and most of all holding a song together.  In a world full of guitar players, the demand for great bass players is strong.  We take this program serious so you will get noticed!!!


Plain and simple…drums rock!!!!  And so will you after this explosive drum program.  Students learn rudiments, theory, technique, dynamics and timing all while rockin’ to the beats of your favorite songs.  Learn how to rock the kit like Lars Ulrich, Travis Barker, Neil Peart and Dave Grohl…yeah! He was a drummer first!!!

Tell us about your inner rockstar!